Wednesday, March 23, 2011


a quick look into the gelation technique.. this is a form of sphericfication done with gelatin sheets,citrus juice, and cold oil.  during my recent research on this particular techinque there are many variations to achieve this.. first of all you must be know where and what types of gelation are there.. gelatin,pectin,methi cellulose,agar agar, caragean, and gellan gum. these are just to name a few.  some derive from seaweed, to animal bone collagen, and even fruit.  the main purpose of this technique is to take a liquid form and turn it into solid. in the case of ferran adria and devolopment of spherification other gellations are use to create a shell like substance that holds liquid in the center.  sodium alginate which is derivitive from a type of seaweed and calcuim which is a natural component found in milk to help with bone structure in the human body. when ever a liquid is mixed with sodium alginate and placed in a calcium bath it forms a gel around the sphere but the only problem with this procedure is that the longer it is placed in the solution the gel becomes more firmer as is sits. similar to cooking an egg the more it sits in heat the coagulation of protein becomes firmer. so when inverted from taking the solution and mixing it with calcium and placing it in a sodium aliginate bath the gel remains stagnant so in result a light gel form.  in this picture is just a basic sphere done with gelatin and cold oil.. the procedure is to take the solution depending on the strength of the sphere you want.. bloom gelatin add it to the mixture bring it up to a simmer to dissolve gelatin. at the same time take oil bath and place in freezer ( oil bath must be cold or gelatin won't set) next take syringe and drop gelatin mixture into oil bath strain and place in ice water for 2 secs.  then place in non reactive container is a little oil to prevent sticking.. ( a neutral oil is suitable for this techinique)

Finals for Latin cuisine

Grilled salmon+ salsa verde+ cilantro-coconut mash potato+ sauteed bell pepper+pico de gallo

final practical exam dish

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Latin Cusine Wk: 8

So this is a take on the traditional Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice).. what i did was take the Latin flavors and use french tecniques and presented in a modern way...Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Asian Cuisine: Week 8

A Dish I put together in Asian Class in Japan Week: Reminds of the my First work experience at the Brutus lounge. I've learned at alot since. Charred Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed white rice w/ furikake, Mango,radish,daikon,orange salad, chili oil and nori strips.
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